Definition of Bayes

1. Noun. English mathematician for whom Bayes' theorem is named (1702-1761).

Exact synonyms: Thomas Bayes
Generic synonyms: Mathematician

Definition of Bayes

1. baye [v] - See also: baye

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Literary usage of Bayes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Adaptive Statistical Procedures and Related Topics: Proceedings of a by John Van Ryzin (1986)
"For example, Stein's famous estimator (James and Stein, 1961) is now best understood from the parametric empirical bayes viewpoint. ..."

2. Fundamentals of Statistical Exponential Families: With Applications in by Lawrence D. Brown (1986)
"The most conspicuous example of an inadmissible generalized bayes estimator ... The usual estimator 6(x) = x is generalized bayes, but when k >_ 3 it is not ..."

3. Chambers's Cyclopaedia of English Literature: A History Critical and by David Patrick, Robert Chambers (1901)
"bayes. Sir, it is not within my small capacity to do favours, ... bayes. Ay, sir, that 's my position. And I do here aver that no man yet the sun e'er shone ..."

4. Bayesian Robustness: Proceedings of the Workshop on Bayesian Robustness, May by James O. Berger (1996)
"In particular, the impossibility of using the bayes Factor with standard noninformative priors has led to introduce new automatic criteria as the Intrinsic ..."

5. The Modern British Drama: In Five Volumes by Sir Walter Scott, Walter Scott (1811)
"bayes. Why, sir, the gentleman-usher and physician of the two kings of Brentford. bayes. Pho ! that's for the better carrying on of the plot. John. ..."

6. The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper: Including the Series by Samuel Johnson (1810)
"It doth me good when I repaire There as these bayes do grow, Where oft I walke to take the aire, It doth delight me so. Bnt lo I stand, ..."

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