Definition of Beanbags

1. Noun. (plural of beanbag) ¹

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Definition of Beanbags

1. beanbag [n] - See also: beanbag

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Literary usage of Beanbags

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Eighty Good Times Out of Doors by Lillian M. Heath (1902)
"BATTLE OF THE beanbags. For a children's party this has proved very successful. Have ready in advance a dozen, twenty or more bright-colored beanbags—as ..."

2. All about the Pond by Barbara Allman (2005)
"Materials • Hula-Hoop®, one per pair of children • beanbags, three per pair of children j^K^BBRL • large open space Easy beanbags Option 1: Fill a sock with ..."

3. Ten-minute Activitiesby Martha Cheney, Ethel Condon, Marilyn Evans by Martha Cheney, Ethel Condon, Marilyn Evans (2001)
"Two of the trees are given beanbags or stuffed animals. 5. ... Variations Increase the number of toy animals or beanbags and appoint two zoo keepers. ..."

4. All about the Farm by Jo Ellen Moore (2005)
"Use your own beanbags or make simple ones by filling a child's sock with dry beans or popcorn kernels and sewing the ends together. ..."

5. Games & Dances: A Selected Collection of Games, Song-games and Dances by William Albin Stecher (1912)
"The teacher has two or more beanbags. Saying, "John, catch this," she tosses ... If you have no beanbags, make a ball by rolling up a newspaper and tieing ..."

6. Daily Word Problems, Grade 5 by Jill Norris, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Amy Beth Tuttle, Wes Tuttle, Don Robinson (2001)
"Each student got to throw beanbags until five beanbags went through the holes. The following scores were reported for five students: Timmy says he got 40 ..."

7. All About Insects by Jo Ellen Moore (2005)
"Children collect flies for Spider's lunch by tossing two beanbags at flies on the spider web chart. Materials • page 188, reproduced • page 189, reproduced, ..."

8. National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Out-Of-Home by DIANE Publishing Company (1996)
"... throw, catch) beanbags Hula hoops Lightweight paddles/rackets Lightweight bats Traffic cones or batting tees Targets for beanbags Beachballs Toys Dolls ..."

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