Definition of Bear down upon

1. Verb. Sail towards another vessel, of a ship.

Exact synonyms: Bear Down On
Category relationships: Navigation, Pilotage, Piloting
Entails: Sail
Generic synonyms: Approach, Come Near, Come On, Draw Close, Draw Near, Go Up, Near

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Literary usage of Bear down upon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Charity and the Clergy: Being a Review by a Protestant Clergyman of the "New by Stephen Colwell (1853)
"And from this point we might bear down upon man individually, and in all his relations, demonstrating that the ultima thule toward which the race even here ..."

2. Voyage of the Prince Albert in Search of Sir John Franklin: A Narrative of by William Parker Snow (1851)
"UNDER A PRESS OF SAIL bear down upon AND BREAK A NECK OF ICE. Tuesday 6th. — THE morning presented a light north-erly breeze, and clear weather. ..."

3. How to be Happy: A Collection of Beautiful Lessons Intended to Inspire Noble by Grace Gold (1895)
"... The squadrons of the rain bear down upon the forest, And sweep along the plain ; They break their shining lances Against our loved retreat, ..."

4. The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for Edmund Burke by Edmund Burke (1796)
"... in order to bear down upon them to renew the battle: and therefore, at a quarter before five, after having repeated the ..."

5. Obstetrics: the science and the art by Charles Delucena Meigs (1852)
"I have ever found it useless to urge a 'Oman to bear down upon a grinding pain, and always feel it incum- >*Qt upon me to cause the nurses and bystanders to ..."

6. The Manuscripts of the Earl of Dartmouth by William Walter Legge Dartmouth, William Oxenham Hewlett, Benjamin Franklin Stevens, William Page (1896)
"Sir Edward Spragg answered me he would bear down upon the enemy so soon as possibly he could, and that he would second my lord in boarding, and that there ..."

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