Definition of Beechnuts

1. Noun. (plural of beechnut) ¹

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Definition of Beechnuts

1. beechnut [n] - See also: beechnut

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Literary usage of Beechnuts

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Foods and Their Adulteration: Origin, Manufacture, and Composition of Food by Harvey Washington Wiley (1917)
"In the cutting of the forests in the winter often large stores of beechnuts are found stored away by squirrels and birds. The beechnut is not very abundant ..."

2. The Early Married Life of Maria Josepha, Lady Stanley: With Extracts from by Maria Josepha (Holroyd), Stanley, John Thomas Stanley, Jane Henrietta, Adeane (1899)
"... Duncan's victory—Ramsgate illuminations—Lady E. Luttrell—The Goths and Gibbon's home—Kyre beechnuts—French prisoners at Saltram—Taxes and fashions. ..."

3. Thanksgiving: Its Origin, Celebration and Significance as Related in Prose edited by Robert Haven Schauffler (1907)
"I was thinking, Priscilla — why not stuff the turkeys with beechnuts? There is store of them up at our cottage." " How came they there ? ..."

4. A Dictionary of Every-day Wants: Containing Twenty Thousand Receipts in by Alexander E. Youman (1872)
"From 15 o 25 bushels per acre is the average yield. beechnuts, Uses of. ... The oil is obtained from the beechnuts by the ame means as from castor beans and ..."

5. Standish of Standish: A Story of the Pilgrims by Jane Goodwin Austin (1889)
"Why, not to have discovered ere this how I dote upon beechnuts. ... The dressing of beechnuts proved a rare success, but the preparation proved so long a ..."

6. Our Young Folks by John Townsend Trowbridge, Lucy Larcom, Gail Hamilton (1872)
"Our original plan had been to gather some ten or a dozen bushels of the beechnuts to sell, by way of getting a little spending money. ..."

7. A Manual of Forestry by William Schlich (1908)
"beechnuts are used for preparing salad oil. Thus in the Foret de Retz, in 1898, salad oil valued at £6000 was obtained from beechnuts, besides 300 bushels ..."

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