Definition of Beef tongue

1. Noun. The tongue of a cow eaten as meat.

Generic synonyms: Tongue

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Literary usage of Beef tongue

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practical dietetics: With Special Reference to Diet in Diseases by William Gilman Thompson (1905)
"... VARIOUS MEATS beef tongue is a tender form of meat, but it contains rather too much fat to agree well with delicate stomachs. Veal. ..."

2. The Table: How to Buy Food, how to Cook It, and how to Serve it by Alexander Filippini (1889)
".Beef-Tongue it la Gendarme.—Boil a fresh beef-tongue in the soup-stock for one hour and a half. Skin it, then place it on a dish, adding one pint of ..."

3. European and American Cuisine by Mrs. Gesine Knubel Lemcke, Gesine Lemcke (1914)
"beef tongue a la Jardiniere.—Boil a fresh beef tongue as a la financiere; ... Boil and prepare a fresh beef tongue the same as tongue il la financiere, ..."

4. Virginia Cookery-book by Mary Stuart Smith (1912)
"To Stew a Rump of Beef.—Sanders of Cold Beef.—Italian Beefsteak.—To Stew a Fresh beef tongue. —Ragout of Souse.—Beef Bouilli.—A Nice Relish of Meat for Tea. ..."

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