Definition of Bell ringer

1. Noun. A person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation).

Exact synonyms: Ringer, Toller
Generic synonyms: Signaler, Signaller
Derivative terms: Ring, Toll

2. Noun. Someone who plays musical handbells.
Generic synonyms: Instrumentalist, Musician, Player

3. Noun. Something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal. "The president's speech was a home run"
Exact synonyms: Bull's Eye, Home Run, Mark
Generic synonyms: Success
Language type: Figure, Figure Of Speech, Image, Trope
Derivative terms: Mark

Definition of Bell ringer

1. Noun. A person, especially one of a group, who rings bells ¹

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Literary usage of Bell ringer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anthology of Russian Literature from the Earliest Period to the Present Time by Leo Wiener (1903)
"THE OLD BELL-RINGER A SPRING IDYLL It grows dark. Over the black, crenelated line of the dense forest stands the full moon; it stands, but does not shine A ..."

2. The Monthly Review by Ralph Griffiths (1810)
"The chief interest of the present novel turns on the mysterious origin of the little Bell-ringer, or Chimer: and in one respect, at least, we were able to ..."

3. The Universal Anthology: A Collection of the Best Literature, Ancient by Richard Garnett, Leon i.e. Alexandre Le'on Valle'e, Léon Vallée, Alois Leonhard Brandl (1899)
"He had been made, some years previous, bell ringer of Notre Dame, thanks to his adopted father, Claude Frollo, who had become archdeacon of ..."

4. Due South: Or, Cuba Past and Present by Maturin Murray Ballou (1889)
"The Old Bell-Ringer. — Military Mass. ON no other occasion is the difference between the manners of a Protestant and Catholic community so strongly marked ..."

5. School and College Speaker by Wilmot Brookings Mitchell (1901)
"THE BELL-RINGER OF '76 ANONYMOUS. PLAIN red-brick walls, the windows partly framed in stone, the hall-door ornamented with pillars,—such is the State ..."

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