Definition of Belted

1. Adjective. Having or provided with a belt. "A belted dress"

Similar to: Banded, Belt-fed, Belt-like, Beltlike
Antonyms: Unbelted

Definition of Belted

1. a. Encircled by, or secured with, a belt; as, a belted plaid; girt with a belt, as an honorary distinction; as, a belted knight; a belted earl.

Definition of Belted

1. Verb. (past of belt) ¹

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Definition of Belted

1. belt [v] - See also: belt

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Literary usage of Belted

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Types and Breeds of Farm Animals by Charles Sumner Plumb (1906)
"CHAPTER XXXVIII THE DUTCH belted The native home of Dutch belted cattle is ... The origin of Dutch belted cattle dates back beyond the seventeenth century. ..."

2. Ornithological Biography by John James Audubon (1832)
"The belted Kingfisher!—Now, were I infected with the desire of giving new names to well-known objects, you may be assured that, notwithstanding the partly ..."

3. A Handbook for Farmers and Dairymen by Fritz Wilhelm Woll (1897)
"Dutch belted cattle are natives of Holland, and originated in that country during the seventeenth ... Dutch belted cattle became a classified breed and were ..."

4. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists (1869)
"NEST OF THE belted KINGFISHER. — I notice from articles in the September and June numbers relating to the belted Kingfisher, that Mr. Endicott and Mr. Wood ..."

5. Ironclads in Action: A Sketch of Naval Warfare from 1855 to 1895, with Some by Herbert Wrigley Wilson (1898)
"In 1885, too, were commenced seven "belted cruisers, " which might again be called greatly enlarged and improved Esmeraldas. They had been preceded a year ..."

6. Marine Engineer and Naval Architect (1886)
"The several contracts for the construction of ironclads and belted cruisers resolved upon by ... Of the five belted cruisers, two have been given to Messrs. ..."

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