Definition of Bench clamp

1. Noun. A clamp used to hold work in place on a workbench.

Generic synonyms: Clamp, Clinch

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Literary usage of Bench clamp

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Popular Mechanics Shop Notes (1919)
"Clamp Holds Work Down on Top of Bench This simple type of bench clamp, or holdfast, is constructed from stock that This Type of bench clamp Is Very Useful ..."

2. Mechanical Movements, Powers and Devices: Contains: an Illustrated by Gardner Dexter Hiscox (1903)
"SCREW bench clamp, for cabinet- 1330. AUTOMATIC bench clamp ... AUTOMATIC BENCH CLAMP used by carpenters and cabinet-makers for holding work on edges for ..."

3. Installing Management in Woodworking Plants by Carle Muzzy Bigelow (1920)
"... screw driver, wrench, breast drill, screw clamp, etc., from bench Clamp vise Clamp fixture (per eccentric) Tighten screw clamp Tighten press (per screw) ..."

4. 20th Century Machine Shop Practice: Arithmetic, Practical Geometry by Leonard Elliott Brookes (1906)
"The bench clamp, vise rest and frame are all clamp to the main standard, and can be moved up and down, or swung to the right or left, and by means of the ..."

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