Definition of Benthal

1. Adjective. Of or relating to or happening on the bottom under a body of water.

Exact synonyms: Benthic, Benthonic
Partainyms: Benthos, Benthos, Benthos
Derivative terms: Benthos, Benthos, Benthos

Definition of Benthal

1. a. Relating to the deepest zone or region of the ocean.

Definition of Benthal

1. Adjective. benthic ¹

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Definition of Benthal

1. benthic [adj] - See also: benthic

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Literary usage of Benthal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1895)
"1 replacement of a portion of the diba acid with benthal in alkyd resins v retard the ... benthal I comes part of the resin molecule ж acts as an internal ..."

2. The Entomologist; an Illustrated Journal of General Entomology by Edward Newman, Royal Entomological Society of London (1895)
"It was taken in 1891, and was the fourth specimen captured by Mr. benthal, who found it flying in his garden; but unfortunately the central wire of his ..."

3. Transactions of the Geological Society of London by Geological Society of London (1811)
"benthal Edge is separated from Lincoln Hill merely by the narrow valley of the Severn, at that place not two hundred yards wide ; and the strata of this ..."

4. Antiquities of Shropshire by Robert William Eyton (1856)
"of the Lords of the Fee (of benthal). Witnesses—Sir Walter de ... against the Prior of Wenlock concerning a Tenement in benthal.2" On January 11, 1259, ..."

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