Definition of Bermudian rig

1. Noun. A rig of triangular sails for a yacht.

Exact synonyms: Bermuda Rig, Bermudan Rig, Marconi Rig
Generic synonyms: Rig, Rigging

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Literary usage of Bermudian rig

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Here, There and Everywhere by Frederick Spencer Hamilton (1921)
"The bermudian rig had been evolved to meet local conditions. Imagine a cutter with one single long spar in the place of a mast and topmast; ..."

2. Pen and Pencil Sketches of Shipping and Craft All Round the World by Robert Taylor Pritchett (1899)
"The bermudian rig is very noticeable ; first the extreme height of the pole mast, to the head of which the mainsail tapers up; next the long boom passes ..."

3. The Corinthian Yachtsman, Or, Hints on Yachting by Tyrrel E. Biddle (1881)
"The bermudian rig is but a modification of the American sloop, and although a very weatherly rig, is not good for running and reaching ; in fact, to sum up, ..."

4. A manual of yacht and boat sailing by Dixon Kemp (1880)
"bermudian rig.—The mast of a Bermuda rigged boat is very long, and is placed far into the bew, which is usually very bluff. The mast rakes aft, ..."

5. Hunt's Yachting Magazine (1866)
"bermudian rig. 2 '• Pierced"—means that the centre of a flag is occupied by another colour, as it may be said your own flag is " Red pierced Yellow": it is ..."

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