Definition of Bichrome

1. Adjective. Having two colors. "A bicolored postage stamp"

Definition of Bichrome

1. Adjective. Having two colors ¹

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Definition of Bichrome

1. two-colored [adj]

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Literary usage of Bichrome

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reports of All the Cases Decided by All the Superior Courts Relating to by Edward William Cox, Great BRitain Magistrates' cases (1873)
"That, in order to manufacture bichrome, it is necessary to have a flame in the furnaces used for that purpose 17ft. in length, and that the necessary flame ..."

2. The Chemical Trade JournalChemical engineering (1889)
"If one part of bichrome be added to four parts of sugar of lead, toth solutions being cold, the pale yellow precipitate formed is very light and flocculent, ..."

3. The Analyst (1887)
"cc, diluted with 500 cc of water, plus 25 cc sulphuric acid, consumed in one hour 29-34 cc bichrome, = -2876 grms., or 95-7 per cent, of the glycerine taken ..."

4. The Chemical Trade Journal and Oil, Paint and Colour Review (1899)
"It could not long be hidden that these works were to be used exclusively in the manufacture of bichrome, and the established manufacturers were from the ..."

5. A Manual of Practical Assaying by John Mitchell (1868)
"7135 grs. of pure crystallised bichromate of potash are dissolved in 100 grs. of water. Call this solution the bichrome test A. In a similar way, ..."

6. The Dyeing of Wool: Including Wool-printing, with the Dyestuffs of by Cassella, Leopold & Co., G.m.b.H., Cassella Color Company (1905)
"It also serves instead of bichrome for mordanting wool, 4°/o chromium ... bichrome or Chrome. Potassium Bichromate. Red Chromate or Bichromate of Potash. ..."

7. The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry by Society of Chemical Industry (1884)
"DYED WOOL: Dark Olive, bichrome. Logwood, and Fustic. ... DYED WOOL: Black, with bichrome and Logwood. COTTON : Violet on Mordant. 11. ..."

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