Definition of Biedermeier

1. Adjective. Of or relating to a style of furniture developed in Germany in the 19th century.

Partainyms: Furniture

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Literary usage of Biedermeier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Berlinby Jack Altman by Jack Altman (2000)
"biedermeier No, he wasn'ta famous cabinetmaker or furniture designer. ... It derived from a satirical figure of "Gottfried biedermeier" in the Fliegende ..."

2. The Craftsman by Gustav Stickley (1907)
"Reviewing the entire Exposition, it must be confessed that there is a conspicuous lack of brilliancy in the exhibits. The biedermeier style calls for a ..."

3. Water Colours of Hitler: Recovered Art Works by Enzo Collotti, Riccardo Mariani (2005)
"It will be interesting now to take an anticipatory look at Hitler's predilection for the paintings of biedermeier and for Bavarian provincial painting. ..."

4. The History of Modern Painting by RICHARD. MUTHER (1907)
"... springing from the days of biedermeier, as an artist who revels, like Eichendorff, in painting the beauty of the homely flowers in little country ..."

5. The Practical Book of Interior Decoration by Harold Donaldson Eberlein, Edward Stratton Holloway, Abbot MacClure (1919)
"decorative horrors relieved only by such infrequent and sporadic episodes as the biedermeier period in Bavaria or some of the better efforts of William ..."

6. Modern Art: Being a Contribution to a New System of æsthetics by Julius Meier-Graefe (1908)
"The charm does not lie solely in the biedermeier style, which was excellently reproduced by the Hamburg artist, Julius Oldach, and afterwards by GF Kersting ..."

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