Definition of Big top

1. Noun. A canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance. "They had the big top up in less than an hour"

Exact synonyms: Circus Tent, Round Top, Top
Generic synonyms: Canvas, Canvas Tent, Canvass
Group relationships: Circus

Definition of Big top

1. Noun. A circus tent, especially the largest in a given circus, where the central attractions take place. ¹

2. Noun. The circus; the circus lifestyle. ¹

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Literary usage of Big top

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Smoley's Tables: Parallel Tables of Logarithms and Squares, Angles and by Constantine Kenneth Smoley (1906)
"The bevels are given in the table by the big top figures, and fractions in the left column of the page, and opposite each fraction are placed the respective ..."

2. Silent and Oral Reading: A Practical Handbook of Methods Based on the Most by Clarence Robert Stone (1922)
"Spin the big top. The big top spins. Spin the red top. The red top spins. The Holton Primer has some very good lessons for silent reading. ..."

3. Holmes' First Reader by George Frederick Holmes, Luther W. Anderson (1900)
"It is a big ball. Max has it. Can you get it ? I can get it. See ! it is in my lap. This is a nice top. Tt is not a big top. Can you spin a big top ? I can. ..."

4. Adventure Guide to Tampa Bay and Florida's West Coast by Chelle Koster Walton (2003)
"... elaborate wagons, behind-the-circus scenes, and other big top art and memorabilia; an 18th-century Italian royal theater; and estate rose gardens. ..."

5. A Vocabulary of Criminal Slang: With Some Examples of Common Usages by Louis E. Jackson, C. R. Hellyer (1914)
"Example: "His kisser shows that he's bent" big top, Noun Current amongst circus ... Example: "I'm flopping at the big top," ie, "1 am rooming at the biggest ..."

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