Definition of Binary code

1. Noun. Code using a string of 8 binary digits to represent characters.

Generic synonyms: Code, Computer Code

Definition of Binary code

1. Noun. (computing) A code that uses the binary digits (0 and 1), usually in groups of eight to represent characters, machine instructions or other data. ¹

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Literary usage of Binary code

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mystery of Tammuz 17 by Herbert R. Stollorz (2005)
"Computers use a binary code consisting of two digits: ones and zeros. ... The heavenly binary code is 5x2 meaning 10 - Jod the universe. ..."

2. SAS(R) 9.1.3 Language Reference:: Dictionary, Fifth Edition, Volumes 1-4 by SAS Institute (2006)
"+ 1 + B 8 *The EBCDIC binary code for a capital B is 11000010, and the ASCII binary code is 01000010. The input pointer moves to column 2 (d=1). ..."

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