Definition of Biological time

1. Noun. The time of various biological processes.

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Literary usage of Biological time

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Study of a Novel by Selden Lincoln Whitcomb (1905)
"... a true sense historical, though historical time may be viewed against a background of biological time, as in many naturalistic novels ; or of eternity, ..."

2. Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann (1922)
"Geological time is very different from biological time. Social time is most complex. The statesman has to decide whether to calculate for the emergency or ..."

3. How Third World Rural Households Adapt to Dietary Energy Stress: The by P. R. Payne, ., Michael Lipton (1994)
"... stiess may operate to produce the t-esulting strain experienced, or damage suffered, at-c examined in Chapter 3. First is the biological time scale, ..."

4. The South Sea Islanders and the Queensland Labour Trade: A Record of Voyages by William T. Wawn (1893)
"... time as perceived in the succession of vega matana, biological time and historical time are all equated with vegetal continuity. But, what is more, ..."

5. He Usually Lived with a Female: The Life of a California Newspaperman by George Garrigues (2006)
"... but never with such perfect confidence -- and we tossed it back and forth between us and finally came up with -- "There is a biological time for ..."

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