Definition of Birchbark canoe

1. Noun. A canoe made with the bark of a birch tree.

Exact synonyms: Birch Bark, Birchbark
Generic synonyms: Canoe

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Literary usage of Birchbark canoe

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Rainbow's End: Alaska by Alice Palmer Henderson (1898)
"It never occurred to anybody that a man who could not swim would have been so foolhardy as to essay a birchbark canoe. An Indian noticed his struggles, ..."

2. The Barren Ground of Northern Canada by Warburton Mayer Pike (1917)
"... covered with a sheet of ice sufficiently thick to prevent the passage of a birchbark canoe, while a heavy snowstorm came on at the same time ..."

3. Trailmakers of the Northwest by Paul Leland Haworth (1921)
"For this purpose he had built a new birchbark canoe about thirty feet long and four feet nine inches wide, yet so light that two men could carry her on a ..."

4. Breaking the Wilderness: The Story of the Conquest of the Far West, from the by Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh (1905)
"... numerously ramifying from the mouth of the St. Lawrence into the vast western Unknown, the Frenchmen, with the beautiful birchbark canoe of the Amerind, ..."

5. ... The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes by Oliver Wendell Holmes (1892)
"... cramp of attention finds its natural relief in a fit of convulsive exclamation. But far away, on the other side of the lake, a birchbark canoe was to be ..."

6. Influences of Geographic Environment, on the Basis of Ratzel's System of by Ellen Churchill Semple, Friedrich Ratzel (1911)
"... the pirogue of the habitant farmer carrying his onions and grain to the Quebec market, the birchbark canoe of the adventurous voyageur bringing ..."

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