Definition of Bird's eye

1. Noun. Old World plant with axillary racemes of blue-and-white flowers.

Exact synonyms: Germander Speedwell, Veronica Chamaedrys
Generic synonyms: Speedwell, Veronica

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Literary usage of Bird's eye

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cutter's Guide to the Hot Springs of Arkansas: Illustrated by Charles Ammi Cutter (1883)
"... BIRD S EYE VIEW OF HOT SPRINGS—LOOKING SOUTH. ile tho right of possession and purchase between the ..."

2. Tuberculosis Hospital and Sanatorium Construction, Written for the National by Thomas Spees Carrington (1911)
"33 11 Maine State Sanatorium, Hebron, Me., Block Plan 34 12 Preventorium for Children, Farmingdale, NJ, Bird,s-eye View of Building and Block Plan . ..."

3. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"Withering calls it Bird"s Eye Primrose.—Prior, p. 20. (13) Briza media, L.—Mart. Mill. Bird's-eye, Blue. ..."

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