Definition of Bite plate

1. Noun. A removable dental appliance that is worn in the palate for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Exact synonyms: Biteplate
Generic synonyms: Dental Appliance

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Literary usage of Bite plate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Dental Prosthetics by George Henry Wilson (1920)
"The form of the bite- plate at this time is largely tentative, as it is purposed to complete ... The lower bite-plate is more easily made than the upper. ..."

2. Catching's Compendium of Practical Dentistry (1897)
"These sample teeth are to be set exactly as the teeth on the plate are to go. PARTIAL BITE-PLATE. DR. \V. STORER HOW, PHILADELPHIA. ..."

3. American Dental Weekly (1897)
"Now, as the lower impression is easily broken across at the incisive region, die- pense with it and in its stead make a bite- plate as follows : Place and ..."

4. Taking impressions of the mouth by James William White (1895)
"A shows an upper bite plate in the mouth, the wax W cut away from gum G to gauge ... For detailed descriptions of the wide range of bite plate uses see the ..."

5. Journal of the British Dental Association by British Dental Association (1899)
"These are ground and fitted into position, and built up behind with wax so as to make a bite plate. Take an impression in composition of the front of the ..."

6. The Practice of Dentistry: A Practical Treatise Upon the Generalpractice of by Leo Greenbaum, Max Greenbaum (1912)
"Snow face bow and plate for embedding into bite-plate. ... 551 178. Position of condyle upon the face 552 179. Face bow in position on patient's face 553 ..."

7. Professional Denture Service by George Wood Clapp, Russell Wilford Tench (1921)
"... at mouth temperature to keep its shape during bite taking and trying in the trial dentures. Bending Stage. See Compound—Working Stages. bite plate. ..."

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