Definition of Black-tie

1. Adjective. Moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket. "A black-tie dinner"

Exact synonyms: Semi-formal, Semiformal
Similar to: Formal

Definition of Black-tie

1. Adjective. Moderately formal; usually requiring a dinner jacket (tuxedo) for men. ¹

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Literary usage of Black-tie

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Composition as a Social Problem by Sterling Andrus Leonard (1917)
"... whether cheapness or slovenliness in word choices, than it would be to forcibly fasten on the boy a black tie instead of the green and purple one he ..."

2. Scrapbook (1906)
"There are but two possible variations of this costume: one, the Tuxedo, which may be worn for informal affairs (a black tie goes with this) ; the other is ..."

3. An Introduction to Science by Bertha May Clark (1915)
"The collar is very dark, the black tie and gray coat white, ... The plate shows all gradations of intensity — the tidy is dark, the black tie is light. ..."

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