Definition of Black caraway

1. Noun. Herb of the Mediterranean region having pungent seeds used like those of caraway.

Exact synonyms: Nigella Sativa, Nutmeg Flower, Roman Coriander
Generic synonyms: Nigella

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Literary usage of Black caraway

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Microscopy of Vegetable Foods: With Special Reference to the Detection by Andrew Lincoln Winton, Josef Moeller, Kate Grace Barber Winton (1916)
"On the surface they are finely granular. The characteristic elements as seen in surface view are the large FIG. 129. black caraway ..."

2. A Text-book of botany and pharmacognosy by Henry Kraemer (1908)
"They are commonly known as black caraway. ... black caraway contains 1.5 per cent. of a volatile oil; 1.5 per cent. of a glucoside, ..."

3. Scientific and Applied Pharmacognosy for Students of Pharmacy, and by Henry Kraemer (1915)
"They are commonly known as black caraway. The seeds are ovoid, 3- to 4-angled, about 3 mm. in ... black caraway contains 1.5 per cent, of a volatile oil; ..."

4. C.E. Hobbs' Botanical Hand-book: Of Common Local, English, Botanical and by Charles E. Hobbs (1876)
"... black caraway seed, " Milii, Millet seed, " " soils, Cromwell seed, ... black caraway seed, ..."

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