Definition of Black grouse

1. Noun. Grouse of which the male is bluish-black.

Definition of Black grouse

1. Noun. A large, black bird with a lyre-shaped tail, ''Tetrao tetrix'' or ''Lyrurus tetrix''. ¹

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Literary usage of Black grouse

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A history of British birds by Francis Orpen Morris (1853)
"black grouse. BLACK GAME. BLACK COCK. Tetrao tetrix, PENNANT. ... black grouse are common in Russia, Siberia, and Lapland, and are found in Germany, Poland, ..."

2. A history of British birds, indigenous and migratory by William Macgillivray (1837)
"black grouse. Jen. Brit. Vert. An. 169. Male with the tail much forked, ... The black grouse is one of the most beautiful, and in several respects one of ..."

3. The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex by Charles Darwin (1909)
"If so, we may further infer that the nearly similar plumage of the female black-grouse was similarly produced at some former period. ..."

4. A History of British Birds by William Yarrell, Alfred Newton, Howard Saunders (1884)
"Remains of the Bear, Wolf, Lynx, black grouse, Red Grouse, Woodcock, Curlew, Long-eared Owl, and Grey-lag Goose were found in proximity. ..."

5. The Architecture of Birds by James Rennie (1831)
"We have also had opportunities of observing the polygamous manners of the black grouse (Tetrao tetrix), which much resemble those of the wild turkey, ..."

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