Definition of Blinded

1. Adjective. Deprived of sight.

Similar to: Blind, Unsighted

Definition of Blinded

1. Verb. (past of blind) ¹

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Definition of Blinded

1. blind [v] - See also: blind

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Literary usage of Blinded

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin by United States Bureau of war risk insurance. Division of military and naval insurance, United States (1917)
"Of 1405 cases under active treatment on that date. 1180 were from overseas and 225 from camps within the Dominion. blinded SOLDIERS. blinded soldiers of the ..."

2. Chronological History of the West Indies by Thomas Southey (1827)
"... have been victims of the cruelty of a few soldiers or cultivators, too much blinded by the remembrance of the past sufferings to be able to distinguish ..."

3. Réflexions sur l'espèce en histoire naturelle, 1842 by Hans Falkenhagen, Ronald Percy Bell, Norman Holt Hartshorne, Alan Stuart, Eric John Holmyard, Alexander Moritzi, Thomas Hodgkin (1899)
"M. on Saturday the 15th of August) that Constantine VI was blinded and all but slain, so it had been on the ninth hour on the same day of the week in ..."

4. The Confessions of S. Augustine: Book I-X. by Augustine (1886)
"In this treatise, being blinded by corporeal images, he failed to discern the spiritual nature of God. BUT I saw not yet, the hinge on which this great ..."

5. The History of the Norman Conquest of England: Its Causes and Its Results by Edward Augustus Freeman (1877)
"For he it was whom the fierce Talvas, in defiance blinded by of every tie of gratitude ... blinded and mutilated when he came as a guest to his bridal.2 The ..."

6. Italy and Her Invaders by Thomas Hodgkin (1899)
"... was blinded and all but slain, so it had been on the ninth hour on the same day of the week in September, five years before, that his uncle Nicephorus ..."

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