Definition of Boann

1. Noun. Celtic goddess; mother of Angus Og.

Geographical relationships: Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland
Generic synonyms: Celtic Deity

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Literary usage of Boann

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Folklore by Folklore Society (Great Britain) (1892)
"Hence " boann" and " Inber Bóinne". (One) day Boyne of the mark of ... boann, now the river Boyne, which rises at the foot of Sid ..."

2. The Mythology of All Races by Louis Herbert Gray, George Foot Moore, John Arnott MacCulloch (1918)
"Finda- bair, daughter of Ailill and Medb, loved him, but before going to claim her he was advised to seek from boann treasure of the sid, which she gave him ..."

3. The Perth Incident of 1396 from a Folk-lore Point of View by Robert Craig Maclagan (1905)
"boann, the river Boyne, was the mother of Angus, son of the Dagda. ... Once on a time boann said that there existed no occult power able to deform her ..."

4. The Mythology of the British Islands: An Introduction to Celtic Myth, Legend by Charles Squire (1905)
"Only boann, with the proverbial woman's curiosity, dared to disobey this fixed law. She came towards the sacred well, but, as she did so, its waters rose up ..."

5. The Hibbert Lectures by Hibbert Trust (1888)
"So was formed and named the river boann or Boyne, which fills a great place in Irish legend, and is identified by the writer of the story referred to, ..."

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