Definition of Boat deck

1. Noun. The upper deck on which lifeboats are stored.

Generic synonyms: Upper Deck

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Literary usage of Boat deck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Writing of Today: Models of Journalistic Prose by John William Cunliffe, Gerhard Richard Lomer (1922)
"I slipped the overcoat upon trying to boost it down to the boat deck, him while he worked. They were having an awful time. It was Every few minutes Phillips ..."

2. A Journal of the Great War by Charles Gates Dawes (1921)
"When orders are given by him they will be communicated by the usual military course on the boat deck and " B " deck, but on "C" deck, where the men are not ..."

3. History of the Three Hundred Fiftieth Regiment of U. S. Infantry, Eighty by Proctor M. Fiske (1919)
"From "A" deck: 130 men to starboard (right) side of boat deck. 102 men to port (left) side of boat deck. Band to port (left) side of boat deck (38). ..."

4. Moving Pictures: How They are Made and Worked by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot (1914)
"The boat deck was a stage property, comprising a platform built to resemble the deck ... Behind the property boat deck, and disposed in concealed positions, ..."

5. Shipbuilding Cyclopedia: A Reference Book Covering Definitions of by J. L. Bates, Bibber Webster, Stephen McKay Phillips, Alfred Henry Haag (1920)
"boat deck. See DECK, BOAT. boat deck Stringer. See STRINGER, boat deck. ... See STRINGER, boat deck. Boat Hook. A metal fitting in the form of one or more ..."

6. Typical Newspaper Stories edited by Harry Franklin Harrington (1915)
"Johnson's orders, and vainly the other officers tried to persuade the passengers to go up to the boat deck. Most of them, huddled together in their night ..."

7. Marine Engineer and Naval Architect (1900)
"Under the promenade and boat decks are central houses, leaving an open passage at the ship's sides, and above the boat deck provision is made for carrying ..."

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