Definition of Body fluid

1. Noun. The liquid parts of the body.

Definition of Body fluid

1. Noun. (anatomy) bodily fluid ¹

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Literary usage of Body fluid

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biosafety in the Laboratory: Prudent Practices for the Handling and Disposal by National Research Council (U. S.) (1989)
"The recommendations in this section called for blood and body fluid precautions when a patient was known or suspected to be infected with bloodborne ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"It follows, then, that if emotional stress were to change the effective body-fluid osmolality of an animal, the consummately response which followed the ..."

3. Journal of Morphology by Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (1897)
"The clefts or spaces produced by these accumulations of body fluid may readily be distinguished from cross-sectioned axis cylinders by their superior size, ..."

4. Diseases of Nutrition and Infant Feeding by John Lovett Morse, Fritz Bradley Talbot (1920)
"The most important single factor in the treatment of acidosis, is to maintain the body fluid. This can not be done intelligently unless a written record is ..."

5. A Manual of bacteriology clinical and applied by Richard Tanner Hewlett (1908)
"The body fluid (corresponding to the test fluid) of a normal person is also inactivated by heating to 56° C. for thirty minutes. ..."

6. Physical Chemistry: Its Bearing on Biology and Medicine by James Charles Philip (1915)
"In the case of all invertebrate marine animals the freezing point of the blood, or body fluid is the same as that of the water in which they live. ..."

7. Biological Bulletin by Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.) (1915)
"Injury to the sperm through transference from the male's body fluid to sea-water, however, cannot be due to difference in osmotic pressure. ..."

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