Definition of Bolling

1. n. A tree from which the branches have been cut; a pollard.

Definition of Bolling

1. Noun. A tree from which the branches have been cut; a pollard. ¹

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Definition of Bolling

1. boll [v] - See also: boll

Medical Definition of Bolling

1. A tree from which the branches have been cut; a pollard. Origin: Cf. Bole stem of a tree, and Poll. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Bolling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Under the Editorial Supervision of Lyon edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1915)
"He was a son of John bolling, of "bolling Hall," Yorkshire, of an ancient English family. A Robert bolling, in the reign of Edward the Fourth, of England, ..."

2. A Narrative of the Leading Incidents of the Organization of the First by Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart (1888)
"On receiving this letter, I promptly wrote to Mr. bolling, inviting him to meet the committee at Washington, and as I had no personal acquaintance with Mr. ..."

3. Shipping Board Operations by United States Congress. House. Select committee on U. S. Shipping board operations (1920)
"Mr. bolling. I had been in the real estate business in Washington, and for a short ... Mr. bolling. That was from about 1914 to the, beginning of 1917. ..."

4. Wings of War: An Account of the Important Contribution of the United States by Theodore Macfarlane Knappen (1920)
"... CHAPTER VII THE bolling COMMISSION AND FOREIGN ASSISTANCE THE bolling Commission, whose composition has been given elsewhere, was sent abroad to secure ..."

5. Stratford Hall and the Lees Connected with Its History: Biographical by Frederick Warren Alexander (1912)
"WHF Lee married secondly, November 28,1867, Mary Tabb bolling and had two ... George bolling 8, born Lexington, Va., August 30, 1872, was educated at the ..."

6. Histories of Bolton and Bowling (townships of Bradford): Historically and by William Cudworth (1891)
"There is also evidence of land in bolling having been granted to Kirkstall Abbey as ... Johannes de bolling, of bolling, one of the Commissioners of Array, ..."

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