Definition of Boney

1. Adjective. Having bones especially many or prominent bones. "Bony fish"

Exact synonyms: Bony
Similar to: Bone, Boned, Bonelike, Strong-boned
Derivative terms: Bone, Bone
Antonyms: Boneless

2. Adjective. Being very thin. "A long scrawny neck"
Exact synonyms: Scraggy, Scrawny, Skinny, Underweight, Weedy
Similar to: Lean, Thin
Derivative terms: Boniness, Scrag, Scrawniness, Skinniness

Definition of Boney

1. Adjective. (alternative spelling of bony) ¹

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Definition of Boney

1. bony [adj BONIER, BONIEST or BONEYER, BONEYEST] - See also: bony

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Literary usage of Boney

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. All the Year Round by Charles Dickens (1885)
"Ferocious little boney holds Addington by his necktie, and, ... In another, boney is trying to dig through the globe and get at John Bull, who, ..."

2. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1861)
"boney 'tagger lilly bit dis time, but him no capsized yet. ... Den he rush 'pon boney, and fell him as de cook's mate knack down a bullock. ..."

3. England Under the House of Hanover: Its History and Condition During the by Thomas Wright (1848)
"The head of Buonaparte is just seen over the battlement, uttering JOHN BULL OFFERING LITTLE boney FAIR PLAY. the threat which he had now been repeating ..."

4. The Spirit of the Public Journals: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most by Stephen Jones, Charles Molloy Westmacott (1813)
"boney AT BOULOGNE. [From the Morning Post, Sept. 27. ... boney. ;-; ' TOEHOLD my brave fleet: •*-* This the English will beat, * Whenever they join in the ..."

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