Definition of Bootstrapping

1. Verb. (present participle of bootstrap) ¹

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Definition of Bootstrapping

1. bootstrap [v] - See also: bootstrap

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Literary usage of Bootstrapping

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. 3-D Deterministic Radiation Transport Computer Programs: Features by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (1997)
"This bootstrapping approach allows the solution of problems too large to be treated as one unit. The technique, also referred to as splicing, ..."

2. Stein's Method: Expository Lectures and Applications by Persi Diaconis, Susan Holmes (2004)
"6.4.1 Special procedure for bootstrapping dependent data It is intuitively obvious that multinomial weights might not be the best choice; instead, ..."

3. Change-Point Problems by Edward G. Carlstein, Hans-Georg Müller, David Siegmund (1994)
"... EFFICIENT COMPUTATION, AND bootstrapping BY CHARU KRISHNAMOORTHY AND ED CARLSTEIN* Glaxo Research Institute and University of North Carolina A data-set ..."

4. First Text Retrieval Conference (Trec-1): Proceedings by D. K. Harman (1993)
"These experiments used fully automated bootstrapping with no hand entry of ... bootstrapping for the tests in figure 3 was on the target corpus only, ..."

5. Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme by Max. Hailperin, Barbara. Kaiser, Karl. Knight (1999)
"That will fill in all the ones we skipped over because they weren't needed for bootstrapping, and moreover it will replace all our ..."

6. Poverty and Equity: Measurement, Policy and Estimation with Dad by Jean-Yves Duclos (2006)
"It is well known that bootstrapping on pivotal statistics leads to faster rates of convergence to the true sampling distribution than bootstrapping on ..."

7. Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation by Neil D. Jones, Carsten K. Gomard, Peter Sestoft (1993)
"3.4 Compiling compilers 3.4.1 Compiler bootstrapping, an example of self-application The term bootstrapping comes from the phrase 'to pull oneself up by ..."

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