Definition of Border terrier

1. Noun. Small rough-coated terrier of British origin.

Generic synonyms: Terrier

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Literary usage of Border terrier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury (1903)
"CHAPTER XLVI THE border terrier WHEN law and order were established on the Borders, the warlike and thieving instincts of its inhabitants found vent in ..."

2. The Complete Dog Book by William A. Bruette (1922)
"The Dandie undoubtedly was a border terrier previous to the appearance of Sir Walter Scott's novel, being kept by such sporting personages as James Davidson ..."

3. Dogdom: Monthly (1920)
"The border terrier has belonged to a strain of rough terriers kept for work and work alone ... Therefore, if the border terrier is not very much to look at, ..."

4. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Its History and Characteristics by Charles Cook (1885)
"... the continent of Europe) and the old-fashioned border terrier. As regards the origin of the ' Pepper and Mustard' race, such a theory may or may not ..."

5. The Economic Review by Christian Social Union (Great Britain), Oxford University Branch (1896)
"There was one border terrier in particular, Rock, from whom he was inseparable during the life of the latter. ..."

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