Definition of Bottled

1. a. Put into bottles; inclosed in bottles; pent up in, or as in, a bottle.

Definition of Bottled

1. Verb. (past of ''bottle'') ¹

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Definition of Bottled

1. bottle [v] - See also: bottle

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Literary usage of Bottled

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. 57 Ways to Protect Your Home Environment (& Yourself) by Rick Weinzierl (1999)
"In the bottled water industry, meanwhile, one supplier received widespread attention in 1990 when benzene showed up in its popular brand of water. ..."

2. The Year Book of the United States Brewers' Association by United States Brewers' Association (1914)
"STANDARDIZING THE bottled BEER BUSINESS The great expansion in the bottled beer business is the feature of the brewing industry in the United States at this ..."

3. The Gentleman's House: Or, How to Plan English Residences, from the by Robert Kerr (1865)
"bottled-beer. THERE are generally in a superior house one Cellar for the table-beer ... For bottled beer a small Cellar or Closet like that described at the ..."

4. The Annual Register edited by Edmund Burke (1889)
"... opposition to tea duty and bottled wine tax —Tithe Rent-charge Bills — Lord Wolseley on the inadequate defences of the country—The Papal ..."

5. Marine Insurance: Its Principles and Practice by William David Winter (1919)
"Canned and bottled Goods. Dairy Products.—Canned and bottled goods whether vegetable or animal products are ordinarily insured free of average, ..."

6. The Mellin's Food Method of Percentage Feeding by Mellin's Food Company (1908)
"PREPARATION OF CREAMS, TOP MILKS AND BOTTOM MILKS FROM bottled MILK We give ... For instance: In preparing top milks from bottled "Market" Milk the top 24 ..."

7. The Boston Cooking-school Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer (1896)
"bottled Beef Essence. 1 Ib. steak from top of round. Wipe steak, remove all fat, and cut in small pieces. Place in canning jar, cover; place on trivet in ..."

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