Definition of Bottling

1. n. The act or the process of putting anything into bottles (as beer, mineral water, etc.) and corking the bottles.

Definition of Bottling

1. Noun. A batch of bottled liquids, as from a single vat, barrel, or seasonal growth. ¹

2. Verb. (present participle of bottle) ¹

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Definition of Bottling

1. a bottled beverage [n -S]

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Literary usage of Bottling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pharmaceutical Journal by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (1850)
"The bottling nose N unscrews, in order to receive the pipe from the bottling machine. There are four bearings in the crank which require oiling daily, ..."

2. Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval by Edward Spon, Oliver Byrne (1870)
"condenser and bottling-piece are shown in section Fig. 1211, to illustrate the internal construction. The same letters of reference refer to the same parts ..."

3. The Weekly Reporter by Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords, Great Britain. Privy Council, Great Britain. Supreme Court of Judicature (1902)
"It was brought in barrels into the bottling stores. It was then forced out of the barrels into a cooling tank by means of an air-pump driven by mechanical ..."

4. Brewery Accounts by Frank Weldon Thornton (1913)
"CHAPTER IX bottling ACCOUNTS Treatment of bottling Accounts Sales of bottled beer and ale are seldom made at a profit if the liquor be charged to the ..."

5. Outlines of Industrial Chemistry: A Text-book for Students by Frank Hall Thorp (1916)
"The beer is finally recharged with CC>2 under pressure, just before bottling or barrelling. Besides alcohol and carbon dioxide, beer contains glycerine, ..."

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