Definition of Bowling league

1. Noun. A league of bowling teams.

Generic synonyms: Conference, League

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Literary usage of Bowling league

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Outing (1892)
"4—Staten Island AC, at Manhattan AC FIXTURES of the Athletic bowling league : Jan. 13—North End AC, at Jersey City AC Jan. 5—New York AC, at Jersey City AC ..."

2. Municipal History of Essex County in Massachusetts by Benjamin F Arrington (1922)
"He is president of the Odd Fellows' Bowling: League, and is president of the Lynn City bowling league. In March, 1902, William B. Graves married Grace Ellen ..."

3. Town of Arlington, Past and Present by Charles S Parker (1907)
"The club is a member of the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen, the New England Amateur Rowing Association, the Amateur bowling league of Boston and ..."

4. The Tribune Almanac and Political Register by Horace Greeley (1901)
"... Clubs of Brooklyn, Class B, Greater New- York Wheelmen; Athletic Bowling League, New-York Athletic Club; Arlington woman's tournament, Monarch No. ..."

5. The American Hoyle: Or, Gentleman's Hand-book of Games, Containing All the by William Brisbane Dick (1894)
"These rules shall be known as the Rules of the American bowling league. 2. The game to be played shall be the American Ten Frame Game. 3. ..."

6. Labor and Compensation by Meyer Bloomfield (1918)
"The amusement organizations and activities which are under the charge of this group are: the Women's bowling league (the Men's bowling league being a part ..."

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