Definition of Box seat

1. Noun. A special seat in a theater or grandstand box.

Group relationships: Box, Loge, Covered Stand, Grandstand
Generic synonyms: Seat

2. Noun. The driver's seat on a coach. "An armed guard sat in the box with the driver"
Exact synonyms: Box
Group relationships: Coach, Coach-and-four, Four-in-hand
Generic synonyms: Seat

Definition of Box seat

1. Noun. A seat among a group of seats in an enclosure, as at a theater or stadium. ¹

2. Noun. (idiomatic) A favorable vantage point. ¹

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Literary usage of Box seat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The English Illustrated Magazine (1905)
"The bus received its first severe blow when the box seat was abolished and the knife board gave way to garden seats. The delight of a ride on a London bus ..."

2. Great Britain: England, Wales, and Scotland as Far as Loch Maree and the by Karl Baedeker (Firm), Karl Baedeker, Karl Baedeker (Firm (1887)
"The train for Exeter leaves at 7.24 pm, arriving at 9.26 pm Fares for the round: on Wed. 3*., box-seat 4«.; ..."

3. Our New Zealand Cousins by James Inglis (1887)
"Dunkeld—Our Jehu—On the box seat—A Chinese Boniface —Gabriel's Gully—Good farming—Dunedin—Harbour works—A category of '' the biggest things on record ..."

4. Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches. a Quarterly Magazine Descriptive of (1886)
"... there are many bull-terriers who can say that they have fairly ' bolted a boar.' A BOX-SEAT BRIDAL. By 'A ROADSTER.' DON'T think she be taking kindly ..."

5. A Search for Fortune: The Autobiography of a Younger Son, a Narrative of by Hamilton Lindsay-Bucknall (1878)
"... plough and cart-horses supplied to the Director-General—Story of the drive to the colony—My passengers —Competition for the box-seat—The model sportsman ..."

6. Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval by Edward Spon, Oliver Byrne (1869)
"-All expensive fitting of the bearing is avoided by casting an oblong hole in the axle-box seat, to receive a projection C. Figs. 487 and 488, cast upon the ..."

7. A Text-book of Elementary Military Hygiene and Sanitation by Frank R. Keefer (1918)
"box seat cover and urine trough for company sink. Note shape of seat, ... In the first, the box seat is removed everyday and the pit burned out. ..."

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