Definition of Bozeman

1. Noun. A town in southwestern Montana; gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

Generic synonyms: Town
Group relationships: Montana, Mt, Treasure State

Medical Definition of Bozeman

1. Nathan, U.S. Surgeon, 1825-1905. See: Bozeman's operation, Bozeman's position, Bozeman-Fritsch catheter. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Bozeman

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report by New Hampshire Bureau of Labor, Montana (1900)
"Treasurer WH Davis, Democrat 'bozeman. County Clerk and Recorder EV ... Clerk of District Court Charles B. Anderson, Republican bozeman. ..."

2. Lewis and Clark Road Trips: Exploring the Trail Across America by Kira Gale (2006)
"bozeman 72 D Madison Co Lewis and Clark Int Center, Twin Bridges 73 D Beaverhead Rock State Park, Twin Bridges 74 D Clark's Lookout State Park, ..."

3. Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in by Nathaniel Pitt Langford (1905)
"I also desired to confer with some of the members of the bozeman Masonic Lodge concerning the lodge troubles; and it was for these reasons that I rode on to ..."

4. Indian and White in the Northwest, Or, A History of Catholicity in Montana by Lawrence Benedict Palladino (1894)
"bozeman and White Sulphur Springs. Next comes bozeman, distant 98 miles from ... Steps toward the erection of a church at bozeman were taken as early as ..."

5. Fifth Avenue to Alaska by Edward Pierrepont (1884)
"Started by rail, at five AM, for bozeman. Met Mr. Eldridge on the train, engineer of the Northern Pacific Railroad for the Rocky-Mountain District. ..."

6. History of the Northern Pacific Railroad by Eugene Virgil Smalley (1883)
"... Yellowstone Division in 1882— The Montana Division—The Yellowstone Bridges—Crossing the Belt Mountains—The bozeman Pass and Tunnel—Difficulties Overcome ..."

7. The Great Northwest: A Guidebook and Itinerary for the Use of Tourists and by Henry Jacob Winser, Eugene Virgil Smalley (1888)
"After leaving Livingston the railroad runs for twelve miles from the valley of the Yellowstone to the approach of the bozeman Tunnel, on a grade of about ..."

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