Definition of Brachiopod

1. Noun. Marine animal with bivalve shell having a pair of arms bearing tentacles for capturing food; found worldwide.

Exact synonyms: Lamp Shell, Lampshell
Generic synonyms: Invertebrate
Group relationships: Brachiopoda, Phylum Brachiopoda

2. Adjective. Of or belonging to the phylum Brachiopoda.
Exact synonyms: Brachiopodous
Partainyms: Phylum Brachiopoda, Phylum Brachiopoda
Derivative terms: Brachiopoda

Definition of Brachiopod

1. n. One of the Brachiopoda, or its shell.

Definition of Brachiopod

1. Noun. Any of many marine invertebrates, of the phylum ''Brachiopoda'', that have bivalve dorsal and ventral shells with two tentacle-bearing arms that capture food ¹

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Definition of Brachiopod

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Brachiopod

1. A phylum of invertebrate animals often grouped with two other phyla under the name Lophophorates. General characteristics include: a pair of protective shells (giving them a superficial resemblance to the bivalves - i.e. Clams), a stalk protruding from the rear called a pedicle which anchors the animal to the sea floor, and a lophophore (a ridge with many tiny tentacles on it, used to catch food particles floating by). Brachiopod shells come in many different shapes and sizes. Brachiopods were extremely abundant during the Paleozoic era (both in terms of numbers of individuals and numbers of species), but were practically wiped out around 300 million years ago during the Permian mass extinction.Compare gastropod (09 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Brachiopod

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"... varies considerably; in this example the pitted supports of avicularia at each side of the base of the aperture are clearly seen. Fig. 59.—brachiopod ..."

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"And since more attention was given to the shell than to the animal, naturalists long misunderstood the true disposition of the shell in the brachiopod. ..."

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