Definition of Brain coral

1. Noun. Massive reef-building coral having a convoluted and furrowed surface.

Generic synonyms: Madrepore, Madriporian Coral, Stony Coral
Group relationships: Genus Maeandra, Maeandra

Definition of Brain coral

1. Noun. any of several species of coral in the shape of a brain. ¹

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Literary usage of Brain coral

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Design in Nature: Illustrated by Spiral and Other Arrangements in the by James Bell Pettigrew (1908)
"Other corals—the brain coral ... It is difficult to account for the extraordinary similitude of the brain coral and the transverse section of the tooth of ..."

2. Corals and Coral Islands by James Dwight Dana (1890)
"A view of part of a living specimen of a related species is shown on Plate IV. A common large West India species of brain coral is called ..."

3. Nelly Marlow in Washington by Laura D. Nichols (1886)
"It held no suggestion for her, caused no picture in her mind, whereas to Sidney its similarity to the human brain coral. ..."

4. Notes by a Naturalist on the "Challenger": Being an Account of Various by Henri Nottidge Moseley (1879)
"The brain coral grows in convex, mostly hemispherical, masses; ... The " Brain Coral" apparently cannot survive ex- ..."

5. Notes by a Naturalist: An Account of Observations Made During the Voyage of by Henry Nottidge Moseley (1892)
"The brain coral gro\rs in convex, mostly hemispherical, masses; ... The " Brain Coral " apparently cannot survive exposure, and hence the tops of its masses ..."

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