Definition of Brain sugar

1. Noun. A simple sugar found in lactose.

Exact synonyms: Galactose
Generic synonyms: Saccharose, Sucrose

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Literary usage of Brain sugar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Text-book of Physiological Chemistry by Olof Hammarsten, Sven Gustaf Hedin (1914)
"The variety of sugar split off on boiling with mineral acids—the so-called brain-sugar—is, as THIERFELDER 2 first showed, galactose. ..."

2. A Textbook of physiological chemistry by Olof Hammarsten (1906)
"The variety of sugar split off on boiling with mineral acids—the so-called brain-sugar—is, according to ..."

3. Manual of chemistry. A guide to lectures and laboratory work for beginners by William Simon (1901)
"... on hydrolysis galactose, sometimes called brain-sugar. Fused with caustic potash, or boiled with nitric acid, they form palmitic or'stearic acids. ..."

4. A Text-book of chemistry: For Students and Practitioners of Medicine by Edward Curtis Hill (1911)
"... and on hydrolysis yield galactose, or "brain-sugar." The amount of water normally in the brain is from 71 to 83 per cent. ; in the nerves, 72 per cent. ..."

5. Transactions of the Annual Meeting by Ohio State Medical Society (1898)
"In cases of tumor of the brain sugar is often present in considerable quantity in the fluid. In cases of meningitis the albumin, of which there is but a ..."

6. United States Naval Medical Bulletin by United States Navy Dept. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (1916)
"After concussion of the brain, sugar frequently appears in the urine. The cause of this has been made evident only recently. Not long ago it was said that ..."

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