Definition of Brand-new

1. Adjective. Conspicuously new. "A spick-and-span novelty"

Exact synonyms: Bran-new, Spic-and-span, Spick-and-span
Similar to: New
Derivative terms: Brand-newness

Definition of Brand-new

1. Adjective. (alternative form of brand new) ¹

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Literary usage of Brand-new

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine (1904)
"... and the insignificant west front of the last century, and the modern restorer's scaffolding in side, his trolleys and cranes outside, and the brand-new ..."

2. Southey's Common-place Book by Robert Southey (1849)
"... as these Collegians are, can bo Ministers of Christ in that condition ; being commonly promoted brand-new, as it were, out of that mint wherein they are ..."

3. Religio Grammatici: The Religion of a Man of Letters by Gilbert Murray (1918)
"I can imagine a translation of the '' Knights'' which would read like a brand-new topical satire. No need to labour the point. I think it is clear that in ..."

4. Diary of a Daly Débutante: Being Passages from the Journal of a Member of by Dora Knowlton Thompson Ranous (1910)
"We hear she is to appear in a brand-new French comic opera called Olivette in a new theatre called The Bijou, only a block above us on Broadway. ..."

5. Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow (2006)
"His brand-new computer sat centered on the desk, a top- of-the-line laptop with a wireless card and a ..."

6. The Annual Literary Index by William Isaac Fletcher, Richard Rogers Bowker (1900)
"(Л. I. du P. Colman) Critic, 34: 33(Ja). — Borkman, Fatherhood in. (C. Porter and HA Clarke) Poet-Lore, n: u6(Ja). — Brand, New light on. ..."

7. A Diary in America,: With Remarks on Its Institutions. by Frederick Marryat (1839)
"I rolled up his clothes and put them into his portmanteau, as they were brand new cloth of the besj quality. I mounted as fine a horse as ever I straddled, ..."

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