Definition of Bread knife

1. Noun. A knife used to cut bread.

Generic synonyms: Knife

Definition of Bread knife

1. Noun. A knife, with a serrated edge, designed to cut bread; sometimes slots into a bread board. ¹

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Literary usage of Bread knife

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The General Stud-book, Containing Pedigrees of Race Horses, &c. &c. from the (1893)
"... by bread knife, or Selby - >Mr LW Arnell 1892 missed to Selby 1893 by bread knife ... to Albert Victor 1893 by bread knife - - - Mr Marcus Daly ISABEAU, ..."

2. The Camper's Handbook by Thomas Hiram Holding (1908)
"bread knife.—282.—A bread knife should always be carried by the camper. The best to use is what is known as the " Green River " knife, because it is good ..."

3. Post-mortem Pathology: A Manual of Post-mortem Examinations and the by Henry Ware Cattell (1903)
"Bread-knife, useful in incising large organs, as the brain, the liver, etc. It comes in two forms,—with both sides meeting at the cutting edge like an ..."

4. Racing Calendar by Robert J. Hunter (1888)
"... bread knife (last) bread knife Ossian ... bread knife ... bread knife Arbitrator Knight Templar Charibert ..."

5. Popular tales from the Norse by Peter C Asbjornsen (1859)
"Yes! the lad was down in the kitchen in no time, and began to sharpen the biggest bread-knife he could lay hands on ; then he caught hold of the third loaf ..."

6. Teaching Home Economics by Anna Maria Cooley (1919)
"1 bread knife, 8 in. 1 mincing knife, 2 tangs in handle 1 flesh fork, wooden handle 1 ice pick, 6 in. long 4 knives, Lasher silver 4 forks, Lasher silver 1 ..."

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