Definition of Break open

1. Verb. Open with force. "They want to break open the doors"; "He broke open the picnic basket"

Generic synonyms: Open, Open Up

2. Verb. Come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure. "The wooden sticks break open "; "The bubble burst"
Exact synonyms: Burst, Split
Specialized synonyms: Pop, Blow, Stave, Stave In
Generic synonyms: Break, Come Apart, Fall Apart, Separate, Split Up
Derivative terms: Burst, Split

3. Verb. Erupt or intensify suddenly. "The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism"
Exact synonyms: Burst Out, Erupt, Flare, Flare Up, Irrupt
Generic synonyms: Deepen, Intensify
Derivative terms: Eruption, Flare-up, Irruption

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Literary usage of Break open

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Historia Placitorum Coronae: The History of the Pleas of the Crown by Sollom Emlyn, Matthew Hale (1847)
"579, 580, 583 For what end constable, or any other, during affray, may break open doors, unless one dangerously wounded or killed. 589. ii. ..."

2. The Law of the Office and Duties of the Sheriff: With the Writs and Forms by Alexander Carmichael Bruce, Cameron Churchill (1879)
"And further, when the sheriff's officer who has entered a house to distrain, or execute process, is forcibly ejected, he may If de- ^ break open the door in ..."

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