Definition of Breast pocket

1. Noun. A pocket inside of a man's coat.

Group relationships: Coat
Generic synonyms: Pocket

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Literary usage of Breast pocket

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Eternal City by Hall Caine (1902)
"He loaded the revolver, put it in his breast-pocket, went back to the sitting-room, and made ready to go out. TEN was striking on the different clocks of ..."

2. Tuscan Cities by William Dean Howells (1885)
"we returned to the anteroom ; she borrowed her husband's handkerchief, lightly blew her nose with it, and tucked it back in his breast pocket. XXXVII. ..."

3. Cycling by George Lacy Hillier, William Coutts Keppel Albemerle, Earl of William Coutts Keppel Albemarle (1887)
"The same remark applies to those riders who carry a bell in their breast pocket when not in use. All jacket pockets wherever placed should have flaps fitted ..."

4. Travels in the Interior, Or, The Wonderful Adventures of Luke and Belinda by Luke Theophilus Courteney (1887)
"... whisked in his handkerchief into his breast-pocket, thence gets into his mouth, and wanders about till attracted by the electric light coining up the ..."

5. Appletons' Journal (1877)
"I have spoken only of the side-pockets : the overcoat also contains an inner breast-pocket, concerning which I wish it were possible to make a better report ..."

6. The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal (1835)
"As he fell, the pistol that was in his hand was discharged, and it was well that Mr. Ewing had put the folded parchment in his breast pocket, for it saved ..."

7. Report of the Trial of Samuel M. Andrews, Indicted for the Murder of by Samuel M. Andrews, Charles Gideon Davis, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1869)
"It may be treated as a fact, then, that he carried money in that breast pocket, in a large pocket-book. But the prisoner now says, the pocket-book which is ..."

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