Definition of Breathiness

1. Noun. The state or quality of being breathy. ¹

2. Noun. The result or product of being breathy. ¹

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Definition of Breathiness

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Breathiness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mind and Voice: Principles and Methods in Vocal Training by Samuel Silas Curry (1910)
"breathiness. The most common fault of vibration is waste of breath, due to weary or sluggish action at the beginning of a tone. It is often caused by a kind ..."

2. Plays for Classroom Interpretation by Edwin Van Berghen Knickerbocker (1921)
"In connection with the whispered quality it may be pointed out that the failure to bring the vocal cords together, with its resultant breathiness of voice, ..."

3. How to Speak in Public by Grenville Kleiser (1906)
"VOCAL DEFECTS The defects most commonly found in untrained voices are breathiness, throatiness, and nasality. The following exercises, if practised ..."

4. A Handbook of American Speech by Calvin Leslie Lewis (1916)
"breathiness. A third cause of obscurity is breathiness. "When a clear tone is produced the edges of the vocal cords are close together. ..."

5. The American Journal of Psychology by Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener (1922)
"... and volume, and to phases of it which are similar to certain phonetic sounds like labials and aspirates, such as "plop," "whoop," or "breathiness. ..."

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