Definition of Breathing spell

1. Noun. A short respite.

Exact synonyms: Breath, Breather, Breathing Place, Breathing Space, Breathing Time
Generic synonyms: Relief, Respite, Rest, Rest Period
Derivative terms: Breathe

Definition of Breathing spell

1. Noun. An opportunity to rest or give thought to a situation; a short respite. ¹

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Literary usage of Breathing spell

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Jews in America: From the Period of the Discovery of the New by Peter Wiernik (1912)
"Ebb and flow of immigration between 1850 and 1880—Decrease and practical stoppage of Jewish immigration from Germany—The breathing spell between two periods ..."

2. Johnny Reb and Billy Yank by Alexander Hunter (1904)
"A breathing spell. After a week had passed we changed our position, for what reason none could guess; but it was not for the better, so far as our comfort ..."

3. History of the Development of Constitutional and Civil Liberty: Being a by Martin Ferdinand Morris (1898)
"... and a breathing- spell might have been anticipated for the recovery of wasted energies, the troubles of the Reformation came, with its disgraceful ..."

4. Under the Flag of the Orient ...: The Thrilling Story of Armenia : with an by Marion Harland (1897)
""A breathing spell." " Everything is ready for to-morrow, David?" as the majestic figure bows in the doorway. "Everything, madame; my men, implements and ..."

5. Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interpreter by Tom Horn (1904)
"Horn Wins the Approval of Both Burke and Sieber—A breathing spell—Visiting the Big Ranches—Back to Camp Apache—The ..."

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