Definition of Bridoon

1. Noun. A bit resembling a snaffle bit; used with a separate curb.

Generic synonyms: Bit

Definition of Bridoon

1. n. The snaffle and rein of a military bridle, which acts independently of the bit, at the pleasure of the rider. It is used in connection with a curb bit, which has its own rein.

Definition of Bridoon

1. Noun. A type of snaffle bit, with small rings, usually used on a double bridle in conjunction with a curb bit. ¹

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Definition of Bridoon

1. a device used to control a horse [n -S]

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Literary usage of Bridoon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Bridle Bits: A Treatise on Practical Horsemanship by Jenyns C. Battersby (1886)
"The operation of the bridoon with its reins is to bridle the horse up and ... Some chicken-hearted men have abandoned the use of the bridoon and check rein ..."

2. Technological dictionary: English-Spanish and Spanish-English of Words and by Néstor Ponce de León (1920)
"... horn bridoon. mástil (mar.) mast (w.) upright part of a boom. — de tob't de proa, fore royal mast mastico (dy ) mastique cochineal, ..."

3. Riding: on the Flat and Across Country: A Guide to Practical Horsemanship by Matthew Horace Hayes (1882)
"The bit and bridoon (curb and snaffle) is the best bridle for a lady, as she may use the snaffle alone if she likes, and have the curb in reserve for an ..."

4. Horses, Saddles and Bridles by William Harding Carter (1895)
"Bit and bridoon.—Horse's Mouth Structurally Considered: Curb Groove; Jaw Bone; Tongue Channel; Bars.—Temperament of Mouth: Normal; Tender; Hard; Spoiled. ..."

5. Driving for Pleasure: Or, The Harness Stable and Its Appointments by Francis T. Underhill (1896)
"The gig bit with plain bridoon and short bearing rein is a trifle the more proper ; but the Buxton bit and full bearing rein may be used. ..."

6. A Treatise on Equitation, Or, The Art of Horsemanship by J. G. Peters, Fairman Rogers Collection (University of Pennsylvania) (1835)
"ON THE CURB-BIT AND bridoon—AND ON THE BRIDLE- HAND, AKD ITS AIDS. ... bridoon.—When the preceding lessons have been executed to the satisfaction of the ..."

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