Definition of Brines

1. Verb. (third-person singular of brine) ¹

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Definition of Brines

1. brine [v] - See also: brine

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Literary usage of Brines

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Economic Geology: With Special Reference to the United States by Heinrich Ries (1910)
"Though most of the New York product is obtained from artificial brines, ... Salt in Michigan is obtained both from natural brines and from brines obtained ..."

2. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1921)
"Mills and Wells show that the composition of the deep brines of the ... The brines are altered, also, by considerable mixing with meteoric water. ..."

3. Elements of Chemical and Physical Geology by Gustav Bischof (1854)
"The warmest of the brines of Miinster proceeds from the red porphyry and from ... It is, therefore, very probable that the brines have also the same origin. ..."

4. Chemical and Geological Essays by Thomas Sterry Hunt (1875)
"In the brines of this region the solid matters are equal to from 14.3 to 16.7 per cent, and contain on an average, according to the latter chemist, ..."

5. Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the Annual Meeting by American Pharmaceutical Association, National Pharmaceutical Convention, American Pharmaceutical Association Meeting (1866)
"The brines, as they are obtained from the well, are free, ... When the wells reach the depth of 800 feet the brines produced is saturated with salt. ..."

6. Permafrost: Second International Conference, July 13-28, 1973 : USSR by Frederick J. Sanger, Peter J. Hyde (1978)
"As is known, in the deep horizons of the Siberian platform, vast resources of sodium- and calcium-chloride brines are concentrated. ..."

7. Geology and Agriculture by Louisiana Geological Survey (1902)
"So far as our information goes Bistineau and King's are therefore the only ones of the north Louisiana salines which at present furnish brines which could ..."

8. Economic Geology of the United States by Heinrich Ries (1907)
"—Salt in Michigan is obtained both from natural brines and from brines obtained by dissolving rock salt, as in New York. The natural brines occur in the ..."

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