Definition of Bring oneself

1. Verb. Cause to undertake a certain action, usually used in the negative. "He could not bring himself to call his parents"

Generic synonyms: Coerce, Force, Hale, Pressure, Squeeze

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Literary usage of Bring oneself

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The First Four Books of Xenophon's Anabasis: With Notes Adapted to the by Xenophon, Morris Hicky Morgan (1896)
"... bring upon, lay upon; mid., bring oneself upon, rush upon, attack, abs., i. 9. 6 ; of the sea, rage, run high, v. 8. ..."

2. First Spanish Course by Elijah Clarence Hills, Jeremiah Denis Matthias Ford (1917)
"... to divert (oneself) by reducir(se) a, to bring (oneself) to rehusar (se) - or a, to refuse to renunciar a, to renounce resignarse a, to resign oneself, ..."

3. Tales from Herodotus with Attic Dialectical Forms: Selected for Easy Greek by Herodotus (1895)
"... cast up, bring up ; hence, refer to ; also intrans. bring oneself back, restore oneself, recover oneself. See note on xv. ..."

4. First French Reading Book, Containing Fables, Anecdotes, Inventions by Philip Ernest Brette (1876)
"Se , ru, ' déconsidérer [**, «m*í- di-rcr, qv], va, 1, to bring to bring oneself into disrepute. ..."

5. Selections Illustrative of Greek and Roman History by Cornelius Nepos (1891)
"... hence se conferre, to bring oneself to, ie to apply oneself to, also to betake oneself to a place. confestim, adv., immediately, ..."

6. Dictionary of Idiomatic English Phrases by James Main Dixon (1891)
"To bring oneself home—to recover what one has previously lost. F.. H. Is a little out of cash just now. ..."

7. Holland House by Marie Henriette Norberte Liechtenstein (1874)
"And I must fairly own to you, she con- quer'd her resentment sooner than I could myne, for tis not easy to bring oneself to forgive the almost greatest ..."

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