Definition of Broadcaster

1. Noun. Someone who broadcasts on radio or television.

Generic synonyms: Communicator
Specialized synonyms: Announcer, Broadcast Journalist, Disc Jockey, Disk Jockey, Dj, Telecaster
Derivative terms: Broadcast

2. Noun. A mechanical device for scattering something (seed or fertilizer or sand etc.) in all directions.
Exact synonyms: Spreader
Generic synonyms: Mechanical Device
Derivative terms: Broadcast, Spread

Definition of Broadcaster

1. Noun. An organisation that engages in the activity of broadcasting. ¹

2. Noun. A person whose job it is to broadcast. ¹

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Definition of Broadcaster

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Broadcaster

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Copyright Licensing Regimes Covering Retransmission of Broadcast Signals edited by Howard Coble (2001)
"(b) Termination on Transfer of License or Interest in broadcaster. broadcaster shall notify C3S forthwith if any application is made to the Federal ..."

2. Changing the Fourth Estate: Essays on South African Journalism by Adrian Hadland (2005)
"The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the German broadcaster and the BBC all use their web pages in constructive ways. The SABC has invested considerable ..."

3. The Media and the Rwanda Genocide by Allan Thompson (2007)
"For example, like other African radio stations, RTLM often broadcast programmes in which the broadcaster read out greetings and messages from the audience, ..."

4. Re-Visioning Television: Policy, Strategy and Models for the Sustainable by Adrian Hadland, Mike Aldridge, Joshua Ogada (2007)
"Once a CTV broadcaster has obtained its licence from ICASA and the ... Should this uptime not be attained, the broadcaster would get a tariff rebate. ..."

5. Spectrum Management Policy: Hearing Before the Committee on Commerce, U.S edited by W. J. Tauzin, E. J. Tauzin (1998)
"The FCC will be assigning digital channel pairs to each broadcaster to ... And we must discuss what the public interest obligations of broadcaster will be ..."

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