Definition of Broom sedge

1. Noun. Tall tufted grass of southeastern United States.

Exact synonyms: Andropogon Virginicus
Generic synonyms: Broom Grass

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Literary usage of Broom sedge

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report (1913)
"Painted broom sedge. Occasional in damp ground. Carex tribuloides Wahlenb. Blunt broom sedge. Damp rich open ground on the east side. ..."

2. The American Reports: Containing All Decisions of General Interest Decided by Isaac Grant Thompson, Irving Browne (1882)
"... dry grass and broom-sedge to remain on its lands, and upon that theory the verdict '.as rendered. This plainly appears by the second bill of exception^ ..."

3. The American and English Railroad Cases: A Collection of All Cases in the by Lawrence Lewis, Adelbert Hamilton, John Houston Merrill, William Mark McKinney, James Manford Kerr, John Crawford Thomson (1882)
"There is no •doubt but that the jury in this case thought the company guilty of negligence in permitting the dry grass and broom-sedge to remain on its ..."

4. The Book of Grasses: An Illustrated Guide to the Common Grasses, and the by Mary Francis Baker (1912)
"Aside from its value to the farmer in early summer, broom sedge, ... Stiff, brown groups of Beard-grass and broom sedge remain standing through all the ..."

5. Michigan Flora: A List of the Fern and Seed Plants Growing Without Cultivation by William James Beal (1904)
"*584. C. tetanica Woodii Bailey. Central part of the State. Infrequent. *585. C. tribuloides Wahl. Blunt-broom Sedge. Th. 587. ..."

6. North and South: notes on the natural history of a winter home by Stanton Davis Kirkham (1913)
"... XV broom sedge NO two aspects of nature could afford a greater contrast than do the cypress swamp and the sedge, one a silent and shadowy region, ..."

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