Definition of Buffer state

1. Noun. A small neutral state between two rival powers.

Exact synonyms: Buffer Country
Generic synonyms: Country, Land, State

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Literary usage of Buffer state

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. China's New Constitution and International Problems by Min-chʻien T. Z. Tyau (1918)
"buffer state As far as this country is concerned, the main drawback of such a convention is the admission that Russia has a concurrent right of control or ..."

2. Russia in Asia: A Record and a Study, 1558-1899 by Alexis Sidney Krausse (1899)
"... reliable information in official circles—Weakness of British foreign policy—Its cause—The theory of a ' buffer state'— The ' open door' craze—Remarkable ..."

3. The Sikhs and the Sikh Wars: The Rise, Conquest, and Annexation of the by Charles Gough, Arthur Donald Innes (1897)
"... Dost Mohammed—Persia and Russia—A buffer- state—British resolve to restore Shah ... bufferstate ..."

4. Asia: A Geography Reader by Ellsworth Huntington (1912)
"... CHAPTER XI AFGHANISTAN: THE "buffer state" On the Frontier. Some British officers were at breakfast one spring morning at the military club at Peshawar, ..."

5. Cavalry Studies: Strategical and Tactical by Douglas Haig (1907)
"Measures to be taken with regard to a " buffer state. ... The population of the buffer state consists of a number of mixed races which are traditionally ..."

6. Lepcha Land: Or, Six Weeks in the Sikhim Himalayas, by Florence Donaldson by Mrs Florence Donaldson (1900)
"... LEPCHA LAND CHAPTER I. CALCUTTA TO SILIGURI. lining a holiday—Where to go—The buffer state—Sikhim— Preliminary arrangements—" ..."

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