Definition of Buirdly

1. Adjective. Muscular and heavily built. "`buirdly' is a Scottish term"

Exact synonyms: Beefy, Burly, Husky, Strapping
Geographical relationships: Scotland
Similar to: Robust
Derivative terms: Huskiness

Definition of Buirdly

1. burly [adj] - See also: burly

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Literary usage of Buirdly

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Glossary of Obscure Words and Phrases in the Writings of Shakspeare and by Charles Mackay (1887)
"The Lowland Scottish is buirdly. Burns speaks of oatmeal porridge as the ... Iden, in the estimation of Jack Cade, was evidently a " buirdly chiel;" and ..."

2. English and Scottish Popular Ballads by Francis James Child, Helen Child Sargent (1904)
"... buirdly, (bride) large and well made ; stately ; (cheer) great. See bierly. beeds, (that beeds) string of beads. beet, kindle, keep up. pp butt. beetle, ..."

3. A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch: With an Introductory Chapter Onthe Poetry by Charles Mackay (1888)
"buirdly. strong and stalwart, hearty, well-built. buirdly chiels [fellows] Are bred in sic a way as this is. —BURNS : The Two. Dogs. ..."

4. The Folk-speech of Cumberland and Some Districts Adjacent: Being Short Alexander Craig Gibson by Alexander Craig Gibson (1869)
"Burns. Of a'the Airts. "Joe Tyson teem'ta pint o' yall doon Danny Towson' back. Wasn't that a break?"—Heard at Dean. buirdly, S, stout, strongly made. ..."

5. One Hundred Modern Scottish Poets: With Biographical and Critical Notices by David Herschell Edwards (1882)
"... and pumps, Prim, pinchin' pack, ye aye were trumps ; Nae corns, bunions, blains, or bumps Saft, swank, and free. Though double soled o' buirdly form, ..."

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